Creating a space for Asian Americans by opening a dialogue about what music means to them

Source: We Rave You

With the recent xenophobic sentiment towards Asians out of the COVID19 crisis, it is essential more than ever to reduce cultural barriers and celebrate the rich diversity of AAPI culture.

Despite the prolonged presence of Asians in the country, we are unfortunately not the ones when people think of “Americans.” Today, we are dealing with the weight of hate crimes worldwide with the rise of COVID19. According to Stop AAPI Hate org, there were 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents since last year, with many unreported…

A practical guide for adults to get a driver’s license in New York City

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This post will be useful to those who have been frustrated at getting a driver’s license or need a license to get out of town in the age of COVID19. Skip to Step 1a for the guide.

Anecdote: Personal Stories

My relationship with a driver’s license has been a rocky road. In fact, I had it in high school.

I got my first ever driver’s license from the Philippines, my home at the time, and it was such a breeze. Literally, all the road signs were hanging on the…

Using it to advantage, we will be resourceful rather than immature.

Photo by Elliott Reyna on Unsplash

One might be skeptical to hear that an app can tell us about the world. Can it show us life beyond real experiences? Can it teach us something other than what nourishing books offer? I believe in using the latest viral app the right way to our advantages and entertainment purpose.

Since the beginning of the year, and more so after the quarantine, I’ve “shamefully” used TikTok. None of my friends or colleagues use TikTok so I don’t have many people to share what I’ve found interesting or funny. I recently converted one friend to TikTok and that’s about it…

And how it can be a liberating and glorious experience

Napolean Dynamite (2004)

Halloween 2019 is over but one lesson remains.

I marched on the New York City Halloween parade with 0 out of 5 dance rehearsal attendances. 2 million spectators and hundreds of people at any given spot.

I’ve been dancing as a hobby and last minute found my dance studio is performing on Halloween parade. Wanting to participate, I emailed the studio director two days before the parade. “Can I join?” He replied to me just a few hours before the event, “Come on over!”

I was brave to join without any practices because dance instructors at Broadway Bodies, often emphasize…

And how I got $945 worth of fitness for just $99

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Four years ago, ClassPass offered an unlimited number of workouts for a sheer cost of $99 a month. My Econ major brain was stimulated when I saw this marketing. I wanted to take full advantage of the service by maximizing every dollar spent. ClassPass allowed me to taste the boutique stores for the cost of wholesale markets.


It was the end of August and I was ready for a new season. Autumn always signals the fresh start of school/work and the start of new me. Feeling motivated to do anything, I’ve set three goals:

  1. Maximize every dollar by doing more

“Rain Shower” is a Korean short story written by Hwang Sun-won in 1959

“BTS effect” isn’t everything that is embracive of Korean culture. There’s something richer and deeper to the culture that many people overlook.

A few weeks ago, I visited my high school friend who is Japanese, completing her 3rd year Ph.D. in Boston over a weekend.

I took a Greyhound bus New York to Boston. When I arrived at the South Station in Cambridge, my friend was already there waiting for me, 25 minutes away from her apartment. She handed me her metro card over the fence for me to swipe in.

This reminded me of my visit to my good…

Eva Green from The Dreamers (2003)

A satirical diary on learning French as a beginner, a woman of color, a dual citizen and as a Third Culture Kid.

I started taking a French lesson since February this year, precisely 18 lessons. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to my Saturday morning coffee. Early morning strolls in Soho, an oat white flat from Maman, followed by a French lesson. I’ve set a perfect routine.

Today I want to take a pause and reflect on some learnings from a new hobby.

I finally feel I found a perfect religious service that I want to attend every weekend. I remember in one lesson, our sub teacher sent us off 10 minutes early to go enjoy the weekend ourselves. I’m like waittttt…

Rough Trade London

I go through a phase all the time.

Particularly in music.

By “phase” I mean this: constantly listening to one genre a million times for a short period time, then letting the enthusiasm die slowly with another genre. It is similar to binge eating except the eating never stops for a different kind. Jumping from salmon avocado rolls to duck confit to Pomodoro. I have a very particular taste at one moment. My music palate is one area that is rarely affected by other people’s opinions. I purely listen to what I love and what moves me.

Through observing my…

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@Pandora music — Audience Data Operations. Globaltrotter. New Yorker. Passionate about Music and Writing

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